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Thank you to everyone who participated in the
Eragon Movie Premiere Sweepstakes!

We received a record number of entries- nearly 5,000 from
all over the world!

The grand prize winner was Kristen R. from California. She won a trip for four to the movie premiere in London!

The ten runners-up each won a copy of the Eragon Movie video game, courtesy of Vivendi. These winners were Natalie B. from Maryland, Megan B. from South Carolina, Erika K. from California, Jake Z. from Connecticut, Amanda B. from Texas, Keertan K. from Indiana, Mariah J. from Utah, Anthony C. from Illinois, Matthew H. from New York, and Christopher V. from New York.

Congratulations to all! And thank you to everyone who entered the sweepstakes!

The answers to the sweepstakes were:
What is the Elvish name for the Burning Plains?
Du Völlar Eldrvarya (p. 579)

What is the Elvish name for the tailbone of the Spine?
Edur Carthungavë (p. 559)

Just before the bird Blagden arrives in Eragon's residence with perplexing riddles, Eragon is trying to calm his restless nerves by reading an Elvish epic. Who is the author of this epic?
Analísia (p. 545)



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