Inheritance Cycle Glossary


Adurna rïsa. - Water, rise.
Agaetí Blödhren - Blood-oath Celebration (held once a century to honor the original pact between elves and dragons)
älfa-kona - elf woman
äthalvard - an organization of elves dedicated to the preservation of their songs and poems
Atra du evarínya ono varda, Däthedr-vodhr. - May the stars watch over you, honored Däthedr.
Atra esterní ono thelduin, Eragon Shur'tugal. - May good fortune rule over you, Eragon Dragon Rider.
Atra guliä un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waíse sköliro fra rauthr. - May luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune.
audr - up
Bjartskular - Brightscales
Blödhgarm - Bloodwolf
brisingr - fire
Brisingr, iet tauthr. - Fire, follow me.
Brisingr raudhr! - Red fire!
deyja - die
draumr kópa - dream stare
dröttningu - princess
Du deloi lunaea. - Smooth the earth/dirt.
Du Namar Aurboda - The Banishing of the Names
Du Vrangr Gata - The Wandering Path
edur - a tor or prominence
Eka eddyr aí Shur'tugal.. . Shur'tugal. . . Argetlam. - I am a Dragon Rider... Dragon Rider. . . Silver Hand.
Eka elrun ono. - I thank you.
elda - a gender- neutral honorific suffix of great praise, attached with a hyphen.
Eldhrimner O Loivissa nuanen, dautr abr deloi/Eldhrimner nen ono weohnataí medh solus un thringa/Eldhrimner un fortha onr fëon vara/Wiol allr sjon. - Grow, O beautiful Loivissa, daughter of the earth/Grow as you would with sun and rain/Grow and put forth your flower of spring/For all to see.
Eldunarí - the heart of hearts
Erisdar - the flameless lanterns both the elves and the dwarves use (named after the elf who invented them)
faelnirv - elven liqueur
fairth - a picture taken by magical means on a shingle of slate
fell - mountain
finiarel - an honorific suffix for a young man of great promise, attached with a hyphen
flauga - fly
fram - forward
Fricai onr eka eddyr. - I am your friend.
gánga - go
Garjzla, letta! - Light, stop!
gedwëy ignasia - shining palm
Helgrind - The Gates of Death
Indlvarn - a certain type of pairing between a Rider and dragon
jierda - break; hit
könungr - king
Kuldr, rïsa lam iet un malthinae unin böllr. - Gold, rise to my hand and bind into an orb.
kveykva - lightning
lámarae - a fabric made by cross-weaving wool and nettle threads (similar in construction to linsey-woolsey, but of higher quality)
letta - stop
Liduen Kvaedhí - Poetic Script
loivissa - a blue, deep-throated lily that grows in the Empire
maela - quiet
naina - make bright
nalgask - a mixture of beeswax and hazelnut oil used to moisten the skin
Nen ono weohnata, Arya Dröttningu. - As you will, Princess Arya.
seithr - witch
Shur'tugal - Dragon Rider
slytha - sleep
Stenr rïsa! - Stone, rise!
svit- kona - a formal honorific for an elf woman of great wisdom
talos - a cactus found near Helgrind
thaefathan - thicken
Thorta du ilumëo! - Speak the truth!
vakna - awaken
vodhr - a male honorific suffix of middling praise, attached with a hyphen
Waíse heill! - Be healed!
yawë - a bond of trust


Ascûdgamln - fists of steel
Az Knurldrâthn - The Trees of Stone
Az Ragni - The River
Az Sartosvrenht rak Balmung, Grimstnzborith rak Kvisagûr - The Saga of King Balmung of Kvisagûr
Az Sindriznarrvel - The Gem of Sindri
barzûl - curse someone with ill fate
delva - a term of endearment among the dwarves; also a form of gold nodule indigenous to the Beor Mountains that the dwarves greatly prize
dûr - our
dûrgrimst - clan (literally, "our hall," or "our home")
dûrgrimstvren - clan war
eta - no
Eta! Narho ûdim etal os isû vond! Narho ûdim etal os formvn mendûnost brakn, az Varden, hrestvog dûr grimstnzhadn! Az Jurgenvren qathrid né dômar oen etal - No! I will not let that happen! I will not let these beardless fools, the Varden, destroy our country. The Dragon War left us weak and not
Fanghur - dragon-like creatures that are smaller and less intelligent than their cousins (native to the Beor Mountains)
Farthen Dûr - Our Father
Feldûnost - frostbeard (a species of goat native to the Beor Mountains)
Gáldhiem - Bright/shining head
Ghastgar - spear-throwing contest akin to jousting and fought on the backs of Feldûnost
grimstborith - clan chief (literally, "hall chief"; plural is grimstborithn)
grimstcarvlorss - arranger of the house
grimstnzborith - ruler of the dwarves, whether king or queen (literally, "halls' chief")
hûthvír - double-bladed staff weapon used by Dûrgrimst Quan
Hwatum il skilfz gerdûmn! - Listen to mine words!
Ingeitum - fire workers; smiths
Isidar Mithrim - Star Rose (the star sapphire)
knurla - dwarf (literally, "one of stone"; plural is knurlan)
knurlaf - woman/she/her
knurlag - man/he/him
knurlagn - men
Knurlcarathn - stoneworkers; masons
Knurlnien - Stone Heart
Ledwonnû - Kílf's necklace; also used as a general term for necklace
menknurlan - unstone ones/those who are not, or are without, stone (the worst insult in Dwarvish; cannot be directly translated into English)
mérna - lake/pool
Nagra - giant boar, native to the Beor Mountains
Nal, Grimstnzborith Orik! - Hail, King Orik!
ornthrond - eagle eye
Ragni Darmn - River of Small Red Fish
Ragni Hefthyn - River Guard
Shrrg - giant wolf, native to the Beor Mountains
Skilfz Delva - Mine Delva (see delvafor translation)
thriknzdal - the temper line on the blade of a differentially tempered weapon
Tronjheim - Helm of Giants
ûn qroth Gûntera! - Thus spoke Gûntera!
Urzhad - giant cave bear, native to the Beor Mountains
Vargrimst - clanless/banished
Vrenshrrgn - War Wolves
werg - the dwarves' equivalent of ugh(used humorously in the place name Werghadn; Werghadntranslates as either "the land of ugh" or, more liberally, "the ugly land")


no - an honorific suffix attached with a hyphen to the main name of someone you respect


Herndall - Urgal dams who rule their tribes
namna - woven strips containing Urgal family narratives that are placed by the entrances to their huts
nar - a title of great respect
Urgralgra - Urgals' name for themselves (literally, "those with horns")