Character Quiz
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1. After traveling for many days across the Hadarac Desert, you encounter a soldier who wants to take you prisoner. What do you do?

Attack him immediately.
Try to intimidate the soldier with magic powers, then wait to see if that scares him off.
Attempt to talk to the soldier to see which side he is from and discover if he could be a possible ally.
Tell him an ancient riddle to try to challenge and confuse him, then sneak away.
Either wisely avoid the soldier's path or valiantly fight free of the soldier's capture.

2. You are given a charge to deliver a message to a key contact in Dras Leona. What is the first thing you do?

Take your dragon and fly immediately to Dras Leona.
Find provisions first, then map out the best route that is the least plagued by enemies.
Consult your bones to see if there is impending danger on your trip.
Threaten one of your underlings and tell them they must deliver the message--or else!

3. You are summoned to talk to the head of a local Dwarf clan, but fear he may be plotting against you. Which course of action do you take?

Try to enter his mind and read his thoughts even though he puts up a wall of resistance.
Ask the clan leader what's on his mind and what he needs help with, then decide if it's the right course of action for you.
Scry him and see what he's plotting.
Encircle his encampment to see if it's safe to meet with him.

4. You visit a local pub in order to seek out crucial shipping information from the pub's owner. While there you spot a mysterious cat that keeps staring at you. You:

Engage the cat in conversation and ask him why he's in the pub.
Nothing. A cat is just a cat. You order a drink and start interogating the pub owner immediately.
Wait until the cat approaches you and tries to talk to you with his mind, then try to learn any advice that he can offer.
You ignore the cat and attempt to mingle with a few locals before approaching the pub owner.

5. You've just learned that King Galbatorix has summoned his Urgal armies to report to Farthen Dur. When you hear this news, you immediately:

Go into battle against the Urgals and use your magic against them.
Celebrate the triumph and join the Urgals in battle.
Stay high above the impending Urgal army and drop stones on them to ward them off.
Consult with the nearest werecat to see if the news could be true!
Talk to the elves and the Varden to determine the best plan to ward off the Urgals, only after stowing away the dragon eggs in a safe place.

6. You have a free day while in Carvahall, so you decide to:

Enchant the villagers with your entertaining stories.
Explore the stores and streets of the village and look for adventure.
Get out of the city immediately and back to the wilderness.
Read a few villagers' fortunes and sell them some love potion.
Seek out a local farmer of Carvahall, ply him with drinks, and then penetrate his mind to confirm rumors about a local dragon egg.
Practice your renowned swordsmanship skills.

7. You reach a suspension bridge that you must cross at all costs, but the bridge-keeper insists on charging a very steep 10 crowns for passing. You:

Pay the money. The price is high but you absolutely have to get across the bridge.
Severely threaten the bridge-keeper into letting you pass. He is a fool to halt your passage.
You don't need to use a bridge since you can fly instead.
Hand him some counterfeit crowns. You notice that the bridge-keeper has had a bit too much ale and probably won't know the difference.
Reason with the bridge-keeper into letting you pass.
Trick him into charging you nothing for the passage.

8. You spot a young man traveling ahead on the same path as you make your way through the Spine. You:

Introduce yourself immediately and ask him if he needs a traveling companion.
Follow him for a few miles to determine his intentions.
Track him down, fight him, and steal his supplies.
Hover mysteriously beside him and ask if he knows that he's destined for greatness.